Neonatal Hemodynamics & Echocardiography Virtual On-Demand e-Conference (ONHEM231)

Conference Highlights

  • Orientation to the hemodynamics concepts and basics
  • Orientation to the main echo views and evaluation of three common clinical conditions, PDA, pulmonary hypertension, and cardiovascular systemic compromise.
  • Different Neonatal Hemodynamic Challenges and Recognition of the Value of TNE and lung ultrasound in global hemodynamic evaluation
  • Understanding the rationale for the measurements and recognizing the specific values for each disease, and recognizing the limitations of any study.
  • Optimise care of infants with the hemodynamic compromise to prevent progression into late irreversible stages of shock (Hypoxia)
  • Decrease overall PDA-related complications (Hypoxemia and hypoxia)
  • Optimize care of infants with hypoxemic respiratory failure (HRF)
  • Decrease the incidence of progression of infants with hypoxemic respiratory failure and shock to end organ dysfunction.


Heart assessment by echo in neonatal and perinatal emergenciesDr. Yogen Singh
Basics of heart ultrasoundProf. Samir Gupta
Basics of hemodynamics physiologyDr. Yasser Elsayed
Decision making and logical approach to hemodynamic support in shockDr. Yasser Elsayed
Integrated hemodynamics monitoring: Beyond echocardiographyDr. Kiran more
The art of Integrated Hemodynamics ConsultationDr. Yasser Elsayed
Transitional circulation and Introduction to congenital Heart DiseaseDr. Tapas Mondal
Segmental analysis of heart by echoDr. Karim Diab
Introduction to Fetal EchocardiographyDr. Tapas Mondal
Basic fetal heart anatomy and fetal echoDr. Karim Diab
ECHOPACS basics Part 1Dr. Yasser Elsayed
ECHOPACS basics Part 2Dr. Yasser Elsayed
Foundations of echocardiographyMs. Jacqueline Wheatley
The common red flags on neonatal echocardiography assessmentsProf. Martin Kluckow
Assessment of left ventricular systolic and diastolic performance.Dr. Michael Sammaan
Assessment of right ventricular systolic and diastolic performance.Dr. Bonny Bipin Jasani
Physiology of Pulmonary HypertensionDr. Yasser Elsayed
Management of Hemodynamics in AVMDr. Yasser Elsayed
Assessment of pulmonary hypertension and echo protocolDr. Nadya Ben Fadel
PDA in preterms: What the neonatologist needs to know?Dr. Abdallah Tohami
The Evidence based vs pathophysiological approach in management of hsPDADr. Souvik Mitra
Management of Hemodynamics in HIE.Dr. Aravanan Anbu Chakkarapani
Management of Hemodynamic in septic shockDr. Dany Weisz
Normal 2D echocardiographyDr. Mahmoud Alsoufi
Approach to CHDDr. Mahmoud Alsoufi
Integrated HemodynamicsDr. Yasser Elsayed
Hypoxemic Respiratory FailureDr. Muzafar Gani Abdul Wahab
Echo SimulatorDr. Muzafar Gani Abdul Wahab
Assessment of lines by ultrasoundDr. Deepak Louis
MRI in CHDDr. Fahad Alhabsan
PDA CalculatorDr. Muzafar Gani Abdul Wahab
Congenital heart duct dependent lesionsDr. Claudia Lace de Almeida
Non duct dependent critical CHDDr. Claudia Lace de Almeida
Preoperative care of neonates with critical CHDDr. Ghassan Shaath
Postoperative care of neonates with critical CHDDr. Abdalla Eltayeb
Integrated Hemodynamics Case Scenario 1Dr. Yasser Elsayed
Integrated Hemodynamics Case Scenario 2Dr. Yasser Elsayed
Integrated Hemodynamics Case Scenario 3Dr. Yasser Elsayed
Integrated Hemodynamics Case Scenario 4Dr. Yasser Elsayed



CME Accreditations

  • This event is not accredited by Royal College. However you can get POCUSNEO online CME credits with attendance certificate


Dr. Muzafar Gani Abdul Wahab

Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Program Director, Neonatal Hemodynamics Fellowship
McMaster University Hamilton On Canada

Dr. Yasser Elsayed

Associate Professor
Section of Neonatology
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg MB Canada

Dr. Fahad Alhabshan

Pediatric cardiology consultant Cardiac Sciences
King Abdulaziz Medical City 
KACC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Claudia Lace de Almeida

Pediatric Cardiologist
McMaster Children's Hospital
Hamilton, ON, Canada

Dr. Mahmoud Alsoufi

Consultant pediatric cardiologist
Aljalila children specialty hospital
Oud metha, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Dr. Aravanan Anbu Chakkarapani

Attending Physician, Neonatology Pediatrics, Sidra Medicine
Doha, Qatar

Dr. Karim Diab

Clinical Associate Professor Pediatric Cardiology, Sidra Medicine
Doha, Qatar

Dr. Abdalla Eltayeb

Attending Consultant
Pediatric Cardiac ICU
Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre
Riyadh, KSA, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Nadya Ben Fadel 

Neonatologist, CHEO
Associate Professor
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Prof. Samir Gupta

Professor of Neonatology
Durham University,
Oxford, UK

Dr. Bonny Bipin Jasani

Staff Neonatologist
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics 
Hospital For Sick Children
Toronto, ON, Canada

Prof. Martin Kluckow

Professor of Neonatology,
Northern Clinical School
The University of Sydney

Dr. Souvik Mitra

Asst. Professor & Neonatologist 
Dalhousie University & IWK Health
Halifax, NS, Canada

Dr. Tapas Mondal

Associate Professor
Pediatric Cardiology
McMaster Children's Hospital 
Hamilton, ON, Canada

Dr. Kiran More

Director FOCUSIN Program,
MRR CHILDREN’s Hospital, Thane, Mumbai, India

Dr. Michael Sammaan

Registrar, Paediatric Cardiology NHS trust
Manchester, United Kingdom

Dr. Ghassan Shaath

Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist
King Abdulaziz Cardiac Center
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Yogen Singh

Professor of Pediatrics
Expertise in Pediatric Cardiology
Loma Linda University, USA

Dr. Abdallah Tohami

Consultant Neonatologist
Dar Al Shifa Hospital
Hawalli, Kuwait

Dr. Dany Weisz

Director, TNE program
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Toronto, ON, Canada

Ms. Jacqueline Wheatley

Cardiac Sonographer
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, ON, Canada

Dr. Deepak Louis

Asst. Professor, Neonatology 
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Conference launch date

July 28, 2023, 8:00 am EST
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